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Naturopathic Medicine

Nature's path to wellness.


Women's Health

As an avid advocate for women's health, we offer hormone balancing support for the transitional stages in a woman's life, whether it be for puberty, fertility planning, pregnancy or menopause. We also offer prenatal and postnatal doula services for women, in addition to healthy breast education to offer safe and natural options for wellness. 


Hormone Balancing

To help with hormones, we offer in-depth patient history taking and diagnostic testing in order to provide naturopathic supportive measures for balancing the endocrine system and hormonal system. For an integrative, patient centered approach, we offer an integrative hormone balancing program alongside a Nurse Practitioner to provide additional diagnostic testing and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Pediatric Wellness

At Empower Health and Wellness, we wellness check-ups for infancy, childhood and teen years, along with naturopathic supportive measures for childhood illnesses and childhood development. Have questions? Please give us a call.


Additional Therapies

As an adjunct to my naturopathic post-graduate schooling, we also offer:


  • Body Talk Therapy

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Soul Realignment Therapy 

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